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1979   Ren Chuanxing and Ren Qixing established Jiangyin Rectifier Second Factory at the beginning of reform and opening up of South Jiangsu.

1986   Cooperated with Shanghai Rectifier Factory and introduced advanced technology and manufacturing process .

1986   Our products passed inspection of Shenyang Aircraft Manufacturing Company and entered aviation field.

1987   Construction of new plants was completed.

1988   Visited electroplating industry of Japan with Qin Baoxing, vice chairman of China Electroplating Association to learn advanced technology of rectifier in Japan.

1989   Sitaka Masao, president of SanRex, famous rectifier manufacturer in Japan, visited us to negotiate with us about investment and cooperation.

1992   We formally became OEM manufacturer of Shanghai Rectifier Factory after introducing advanced technology for many years.

1993   Jiangyin Power Electronics Research Institute was established for research and development of power electronics.

1994   Won bidding of China’s outer military reform project, and our products were exported to Syria and Iran.

1994   First to become power supply executive director of China Electroplating Association.

1994   Started diversified operations and established Jiangyin Tianma Nickel Screen Co., Ltd.

1994   Passed ISO9002 Quality Certification.

1994   R & D and production of low-power switching power supply were started with multi assistance.

1994   Successfully produced 40000A 12-phase low ripple commutation power supply for chromium plating.

1999   The company was renamed as Tianma Power Supply Making Co., Ltd. by reform of the shareholding system.

1994   Successfully produced intelligent pulse power supply for hard oxidation with multi assistance.

2002   Research and production of new intelligent low-power switching power supply was successful.

2002   Produced high-power switching power supply with multi assistance.

2003   Passed ISO9001 Quality Certification.

2003   A new generation of anti-corrosion oil-cooled switching power supply came out.

2003   Started comprehensive cooperation with KOOSOO, Korea’s first brand of power supply for surface treatment.

2003   Established research institutes with Semiconductor Research Institute under CAS, South China University of Technology, Variable Flow and Control Laboratory of Jiangnan University, etc.

2007   A new phase of plant buildings is under planning and construction

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