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  Jiangyin Tianma Power Supply Making Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise restructured from the original Jiangyin Rectifier Second Factory, specialized in production of DC power supply and with a history of twenty-five years of production. It is a professional electroplating power supply manufacturer with the biggest market shares and the largest sales volume, the only “Executive director unit of China Surface Engineer Association Electroplating Branch” in electroplating power supply industry. It has passed the ISO9001 quality certification and is a “contract-abiding and trustworthy” unit of Wuxi in over ten consecutive years.

  Currently this company covers an area of 15,000m2, and we has cold working, pretreatment, phosphatisation line, plastic spray, transformers, circuit board welding, electrical installation, assembly and many other manufacturing workshops and annual output capacity of 50 million Yuan. Currently we have 115staffs and 17 all types of professional and technical personnel. We established Municipal Power and Electronics Research Institute in 1989, employed one expert enjoying an allowance of State Council and five senior engineers, and have wide cooperation relations with Semiconductor Research Institute under CAS, South China University of Technology, Wuxi Computer Research Institute and other scientific research institutions and agencies.

  We are strong in technical force and design capacity, constantly introduce and absorb advanced power technology at home and abroad, and have developed all kinds of power supplies suitable for domestic electroplating industry. Currently our products include: KD series SCR power supply, KDH series silicon controllable commutation power supply, 12-phase low ripple power supply, TM series high-frequency switching power supply, KM series hard oxidation pulse power, KY series silicon controllable power supply for electrophoretic coating, KH series power supply for high current electrolysis, power supply for aluminum oxidation and coloring, ZD series silicon rectifier power supply.

  Our power supplies mainly serve domestic aerospace, aviation, weapons industry, and other key national army reform projects, and are also widely used in domestic aluminum hub plating, piston ring chromium plating, foam nickel plating, startup power supply for gasoline and diesel engine, power supply specialized for aviation maintenance, aluminum alloy hard oxidation, etc.

  Particularly high power 12-phase low ripple commutation power supply developed first for military hard chromium plating has successfully resolved the entire scope of the 12-phase output, phase current imbalance and other problems, and has been successfully applied in aviation Hafei Group, Dong’an, XAC, Liyang, weapon Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd., Xi’an Kunlun, and Chongqing Chang’an. Moreover, our multi-wave oxidation power supply, integrating DC, pulse, DC superimposed pulse and dual pulse in one, applies to oxidation and hard process of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and other light metals and their alloy, and has been successfully applied in Hafei Aviation, Changfei Group, XAEC, Suzhou Changfeng Co., Ltd, Jiangnan Machinery, Co., Ltd., Shanxi, Huifeng Electromechanical Co., Ltd., Sanjiang Hongyang Machinery Plant, and also exported to PEACOCK of Thailand. We have also had breakthrough in key technology of DC third-generation high-frequency switching power supply after five years’ research of Semiconductor Research Institute under CAS. The switching power supply is mature and stable and is applied in aviation Hongdu Aircraft, Liming Motor, ATO and Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology, Co., Ltd., etc.

  Our objectives: customer first and credit foremost; provide good service for customers at home and abroad; old and new customers are welcome to come and give some advice. Relying on more than 20 years of entrepreneurial base and infiltrated in cultural deposits of Huizhou merchants, this enterprise has entered a new century with changes with each passing day. Tianma Power Supply is convinced of “Eternal Good Quality in Changing Market”!

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